OHM is an American Heavy Jazz/Rock/Fusion power trio formed by Chris Poland (guitar) and Robertino “Pag” Pagliari (bass). They have thus released four studio albums – “OHM” (2003), “Amino Acid Flashback” (2005), “Circus of Sound” (2008), and “Tsunami Jams” (2014). 

Since its conception, the band has worked with a multitude of world class drummers such as Koko Bermejo, Kofi Baker, Joel Taylor, David Eagle, and Nick Menza. In 2009, Poland and Pagliari created an offshoot of OHM known as OHMphrey along with Jake Cinniger, Joel Cummins, and Kris Meyers from Umphrey's McGee.

Frontman Poland describes OHM's music as “tension/release music." With the addition of Menza in 2015, OHM's music is described to have become more edgy and intense, making it more rock than ever.

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